Now available on Android and iOS

The Marad app is designed as an extension of MaraSoft’s desktop/web application. Users are able to login, view their assigned licences and perform simple tasks. Current available modules are the running hours and maintenance overview. Users can input data such as new jobs.


The Marad app is still development; current features are mainly focussed on the maintenance module. The next release will include the checklist functionality, and inventory after that.


The overview screen shows all the modules and indicators.


The maintenance module can be used to create and sign off jobs.


The running hour tab can be used to edit and add running hours.


Inspect and renew all sorts of certificates.


Inspect and sign off safety items such as drills and work permits.


Enter the rest- and workhours of your crewmembers.


Sign off checklists from the QHSE module.


Enter running hours and other sorts of counters in this module.

Rest-Work hours

Manage rest- and work hours for each crew member.

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Contact us

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