Purchase overview

Using the purchase module it is possible to easily purchase items, and show overviews of the open/processed orders. The purchase module will gather all the part order requests from the maintenance and inventory module. Parts can be added to the open purchase request also. Purchase requests can be send to the office for review, or directly as purchase request or purchase order to the supplier.


Easily perform (quotation) requests (RFQ)

Requests can be made from the vessel and/or office and send to suppliers for price request.

Easily send orders directly to the supplier (PO)

Controlled purchase request can be send in a professional format to the supplier.

Different overview lists available

You can make full overviews and exports from all purchase flow steps.

Office and Ship can add comments to each order

It is possible to link suppliers to parts in the inventory for comparison of details such as price, delivery time, etc.

Export lists to Excel

You can export all your orders to Excel or other file types such as PDF.

Maintains direct subtraction from available stock

The purchase module maintains direct subtraction from the available stock, and adds new received goods.