Personalized start screen

Marad’s start up screen features a picture of your own ship, which gives a relaxed, clear and recognisable look to the program. You can also choose for the logo of your company or a photo. Everything is possible.

General features

Marad is the fleet management software developed by MaraSoft. It is used on ships in every sector.


Fleetview provides shipowners with multiple ships a quick overview/summary of all ships.

Data exchange

Marad can be installed both on board and in the office without additional cost.

User / rank permissions

Permissions for tasks in Marad can be set per rank / user and are completely traceable.

Multi language

You can switch from languages in Marad, for example Dutch, English, German, Danish, Russian and more.

Separated in modules

Marad can be ordered per module to prevent cost for something you don’t need.

Personalized start screen

Marad’s general module starts up with a picture of your own ship, which gives it a clear and recognisable look.

Automatic data synchronisation

The office and ship version can be synchronized with a full automatic two-way data synchronisation.

Continuously in development

Marad’s development never stops, thanks to user input. We are always striving for a better program.

Logging in / security

Marad offers you the option to make each user log in by name or rank, with a password. Every action is traceable and rights can be assigned to each user by the superuser. You can assign permissions for all sorts of actions in Marad, ensuring full control over all users.

Every user can choose his own language, program layout and default module. There is even an option for visually impaired users.


The office version with Fleet view allows you to quickly switch between vessels, and gives you the possibility to acces your vessels data from any place in the world. The colours green, yellow and red indicate which ship has overdue maintenance.