The start module gives you a clear overview of your installation. The key performance indicators on the bottom of the screen instantly tell you the status of your system. The start module has many functions such as fleetview (information about all your installations), user and rank management, reports and worklists, documents, contacts, location data and more. The start screen is personalized for each installation.



Comprehensive graphical/numerical overview of your entire fleet

User/rank managing

Unlimited number of accounts and ranks with personal logins and traceable actions

Rank permissions

Permissions for each action/part of Marad can be set for every rank

Separated modules

Marad can be ordered per module to prevent costs for unused features

Extensive reports

Data reports of all modules including KPI’s, budget and more

Automatic data sync

Both the online and offline locations can be automatically synchronized

Personalized start screen

Marad’s start module launches with a customized picture of your vessel/location

Multi language

Marad is available in Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Russian and more


Company / location documents with tree structure

Desktop and online application

Marad can be used as a desktop application or accessed at

Integration with API

Marad can be integrated in other systems using our API, documented in Swagger.

Alle modules

Contact us

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions about Marad or our company. You can contact our support department at