Marad allows you to set up a planned maintenance system (PMS) by creating groups, and by creating components in these groups. It is possible to attach maintenance points to each component. Marad will warn when a job needs to be executed. The maintenance module is ideal for planned maintenance, repair jobs and more. It is one of the most important modules as it manages the maintenance for all of your equipment. The library can be used to set up a PMS once, after which you can distribute it to other locations.


Easy maintenance tree structure

The maintenance module can be set up in your preferred structure such as the SFI code


List of (repair) jobs that have to be done. Printable and exportable to Excel / PDF

Running hours

Keep track off all running hours and historical input. Jobs can be linked to running hours


You can create as many components / sub-categories as you want with custom data fields


Create and sign off (planned) maintenance. Jobs can be assigned to certain ranks

Cost estimation

Evaluated/estimated cost estimation for a certain period of time


Set up your maintenance system in our library function and assign it to multiple vessels


All actions are logged and remarks/documents are saved


Link parts from the inventory module to jobs, includes automatic inventory changes

Colour coded

Each component has a different indicator that displays the current status

Alle modules

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