Manuals and guides

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Type approval certificate

Marasoft’s fleet management system Marad is type approved by DNV-GL (Det Norske Veritas-Germanischer LIoyd), a international accredited registrar and classification society. You can download our certificate below.

Marad 5 Product information

You can download the Marad 5 brochure with the button below.

Marad 4 downloads

Manuals and files for the older version of Marad, version 4.

Marad 4 update (4.44)

Install Marad v4.44.0 in the existing Marad ship folder. 

– Download the update, for example to your desktop. 
– Extract to your desktop 
– Click with right mouse button on MaradUpdate4440.exe 
and Run as administrator.   
– Check if the Marad Update will be installed in the right Marad 
ship folder i.e. C:/Marad/Debora. If necessary adjust the path. 
– After installing, Marad 4.44.0 is ready for use. 
– Marad will run DataCheck automatically when you 
start Marad 4.44.0 for the first time.

Marad 4 client setup

Marad 4 client setup (zip file) for network installations/re-registering.

Contact us

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions about Marad or our company. You can contact our support department at