Manuals and guides

Manuals can be send on request. They are available in English and Dutch. Please contact us using the contact form or mail us manually at

Type approval certificate

Marasoft’s fleet management system Marad is type approved by DNV-GL (Det Norske Veritas-Germanischer LIoyd), a international accredited registrar and classification society. You can download our certificate below.

Download DNV-GL approval finder

Marad 4 Downloads

Manuals and files for the older version of Marad, Marad 4.

Network files

These network files are sometimes needed to setup Marad 4. Only install these if our support advises it.

Marad Cliënt Setup ZIP

Extract the file with your right mouse button and doubleclick on the Setup file to start installing.


Marad Cliënt Setup EXE

Click on the Setup file to start the installation after downloading it to your download folder.


Marad 4 update (4.44.0)

Install Marad v4.44.0 in the existing Marad ship folder.

– Download the update, for example to your desktop.
– Extract to your desktop
– Click with right mouse button on MaradUpdate4440.exe
and Run as administrator.   
– Check if the Marad Update will be installed in the right Marad
ship folder i.e. C:/Marad/Debora. If necessary adjust the path.
– After installing, Marad 4.44.0 is ready for use.
– Marad will run DataCheck automatically when you
start Marad 4.44.0 for the first time.



A manual is not really necessary due to the intuitive look and feel of the program. However, since Marad is continuously being improved, this manual will act as a solid reference-book for any new functions.

Marad 4 Manual (Dutch)

Manual for the older version of Marad, Marad 4.


Marad 4 Manual (English)

Manual for the older version of Marad, Marad 4.