The crewing module is used to manage all crew members (either on board or on shore). Contact details of a person can be entered and a photo can be uploaded. Certificates and identities like certificates of competency and examination papers can be entered. Marad will give a warning when the docu­ments will expire. Keep track of working/rest hours, planning data, crew lists, documents (and templates), non conformity lists and more.


Crew members

Manage all your crew members and their documents

Working/rest hours

Manage all the work/rest hours of your crew members

Planning and schedules

Assign crew to vessels/locations. Graphical overview of all crew

Crew lists

List of crew currently present on a location

Non conformities reports

Reports will be automatically made if you don’t comply with current laws

Documents Template

Control and assign groups and documents to certain ranks

Safety link

The crewing module is connected with the safety module and keeps track which drills every crew member has to do

Detailed crew members

Each crew member has its own personal data, documents, schedules, safety drills, work hours and remarks


The EBIS crew matrix can be synchronized automatically

Alle modules

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