Crewing overview

In the crewing module you enter crew members whom are on board or available. Contact details of a person can be entered and a photo can be uploaded. Certificates and identities like certificates of competency and examination papers can be entered. Marad will give a warning when the documents will expire.

Working hours

You can also input workings hours for every crew member. This function is ideal to monitor and control the working times of your staff, and make sure they get enough rest.


Working/rest hours

Keep on track of work/rest hours and (including reporting).

Planning data

Insight in what period of time and where someone was on board.

Detailed contact information

All contact details available when needed, including calamity details for emergency situations.

Crewing lists

(IMO) crewing list to be send via email to agency and/or person.

Connected with safety module

Connection with safety module to keep track which drills every person on board needs to do.

Expiration warnings

The crewing module will warn you when identities will expire.