Certificates overview

In the certificates module it is possible to enter all the certificates and easily manage and keep track of their expiration/renewals. The module consist of different sorts of certificates which can be divided in several categories, and shows the status of the certificates in one overview.

Adding certificates

You can upload the original certificate, but also other documents that you might need. The screenshot on the left shows all the edit options. Simply pres “New” to add a new certificate or edit a already existing one.


Multiple categories

Possibility to add categories for different certificates, with unlimited amounts of certificates.

Graphical coding

Graphical coding of the certificate status (green, orange, red), just like all other modules.

Detailed certificate particularities

Certificate number fields are available, and other particularities for each certificate.

Overview of overdue certificates

Overview of overdue certificates that need attention/action, history of the signed certificates, etc.