The inventory module helps you manage and monitor all (spare) parts and stock, and to make sure the minimum amount of a particular part is still available. You can divide the parts in to different categories. The colours of the parts show (just like any other module) the current status of that part. The inventory library allows you to set up (frequently) used parts which you can then distribute to other locations that also use these parts.


Categorized parts overview

All categories and parts are visible in a clear tree structure

Part status

Each category/part has its own status indicating if there are enough spare parts


Add suppliers and information to each part

Purchase link

Right click on parts to automatically order them in the purchase module

Export and import

You can export/import parts with our standard template

Multiple overviews

Filter your parts on categories such as location, component or category

Parts library

Create and assign parts that are used on multiple locations to prevent extra work


The inventory of hazardous materials can be managed in this specific tab.

Alle modules

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