QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental) is a flexible module for the management and monitoring of all your QHSE related matters. Examples are the report function (for non-conformities, deficiencies, observations, near misses, internal audits, etc)., the checklist function (create and sign off checklists, inspections, etc.) and document management (manage and distribute files such as manuals).



Function with report flow, used for observations, non-conformities, deficiency’s, corrective actions and other subjects.


Create, maintain and sign off checklists. Templates and questions can be customized.

Document Control

Store, maintain and assign all sorts of manuals and documents to vessels or locations.


Create checklists once and assign them to multiple locations


All historical data regarding performed checklists and/or reports.

Export / Print

Export or print (performed) checklists and reports.

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