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Company info
C.O.C. nr: 50567985
VAT nr: NL8228.07.476.B.01
IBAN nr: NL96 RABO 0312 0318 07

Contact info
Burgemeester. J. Schipperkade 8a, 8321 EH Urk
+31 (0)527 258 346
P.O. Box 171, 8320 AD Urk, Netherlands


Naam: DeckOffice
Area: Scandinavia
Phone: +45 61700796

Naam: Transafe
Area: Europe
Phone: +31 786824300 

About us

MaraSoft was founded in 1999 and had its 22th anniversary this year. Marad started as a compact and simple planned maintenance system, but has now grown into a complete type approved fleet management system with nine modules. Our headquarters is located right in front of the harbour entrance with a beautiful view over the IJsselmeer (the former Zuiderzee).

MaraSoft Office


The Marad team consists of twelve developers and five office employees. The main office is located on the former island of Urk, the Netherlands, which has a strong connection with the maritime industry. Urk has the largest fishing fleet and fish processing industry of the Netherlands. MaraSoft is a member of the Urk Maritime collective, an alliance of all marine specialists based on Urk.

Contact us

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions about Marad or our company. You can contact our support department at