The safety module in Marad is an effective tool to keep track of the drills and work permits which need to be done for safety purposes. It can also be used to keep record of the ‘Work permits’. Using colours, a graphical overview is shown which shows the current status of the safety items. The red line shows the current date, the length of the coloured horizontal lines show the interval of the drills. You can add an unlimited amount of safety items to which you can add pictures, documents and more.



Graphical overview of all current safety statuses.


Safety items can be divided in as many categories as need such as drills and trainings


Standardize safety drills for your entire fleet. One setup for multiple locations.

Safety templates

Templates can be created to force a user to fill in certain remarks

Safety item information

You can add data such as intervals, documents, templates, job descriptions and more

Month list

Lists all the safety items that have to be done for a current month


Keep track of performed safety items and their remarks/added documents

Alle modules

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