MaraSoft is committed to making a social impact. We do not just exist to provide products to clients, but also to give back to the community and planet. MaraSoft does so by supporting relief organizations, museums, training ships, sea cadets, and more.


MaraSoft sponsors multiple relief organizations, museums, training ships, sea cadets, and more. Philanthropy is part of who we are as a family business. We support organizations with donations, product sponsoring, or both.

Examples of organizations that we sponsor are:

OpenArmsOpen Arms is a Spanish NGO devoted to search and rescue at sea.

YWAM Medical Ships YWAM delivers healthcare and training in extremely remote communities.

Zeekadetkorps UrkZeekadetkorps Urk is a maritime youth association for boys and girls between 11 and 18 years old.

National Lifeboat Museum The National Lifeboat Museum Dorus Rijkers presents the history of the Dutch sea rescue system.

Atlantic Youth Trust Atlantic Youth Trust is an Irish NGO devoted to connecting youth with the ocean and adventure.


We support children through the Woord en Daad foundation. Woord en Daad connects people, communities, schools, educational centers, entrepreneurs, and local NGOs worldwide. The goal is true transformation by changing systems that sustain poverty while keeping a close watch on every individual child, farmer, or entrepreneur. Woord en Daad’s impact in 2021:

  • 30.282 children at school
  • 53.157 engaged donors
  • 87.486 people reached with sustainable water

Environmental Responsibility

We strive to promote environmental sustainability in our operations, services, products, and policies. We do so by by:

  • Lowering our carbon emissions
  • Reducing our office’s energy usage
  • Supporting green companies,
  • Using the cloud to go paperless
  • Promoting collective recycling
  • Maintaining an all-electric fleet of company cars

Contact us

Contact us

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