Marad Online

Marad Online is standard included when you buy a Marad license. One of the many benefits of Marad Online is that everything is in real-time. No data synchronising, version updates, etc. It works with any operating system, is faster and you can log-in from any place in the world.

No software installation / updates

Marad Online is accesible for all our users via and has the exact same data as the desktop version. 

No data synchronisation

Everything you do is changed instantly, your data is always up-to-date, without the need to synchronise.

No backups are needed

All our servers are automatically backed up, so you don’t have to worry about data loss.

Always acces to your data

Every user can login with their own account to acces Marad Online, from anywhere in the world.

Multi language

Marad Online is available in languages such as English, Dutch, German, Danish and more.

Continuously in development

Our development team is constantly adding new features, modules and client requests.